24 Jan

Roadworks between Taupo and Turangi.

Are you planning to raft with us between the 30th of Jan and 2nd of Feb 2024?

On weekdays, between 30th of Jan and 2nd of Feb there are major roadworks affecting SH1 between Taupo and Turangi – if that is the way you are getting to us.

  • From 7am to 9am the road is open and will be controlled by stop and go signs.
  • From 9am to 2:30pm the road will be CLOSED.
  • 2:30pm to 7pm the road will be controlled by stop and go signs but will be open

Please note that these closures only take place on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

On weekends, things are open as normal.

What does this mean for your raft?

We raft at 9am and 2pm, so here are your options.

The best thing to do is book a 9am raft and that way if you are travelling from Taupo the road will be open as normal.

Your 9am rafting trip will be finished by about 1pm, after which you can have a leisurely lunch at one of the great cafes in Turangi (ask our team for the best places!) and then drive back to Taupo at 2:30 when the road reopens.

If you want to book a 2pm trip, that’s all good, but you’ll need to plan how you get here – here are your options.

  • Fly to Turangi! Yep, you can fly from Taupo to Turangi with our Fly and Raft package and then we take you home after the rafting. This is fun, easy and the perfect excuse to book take a scenic flight. 😊
  • Drive the scenic western bays road to Turangi. It only takes about 30 minutes longer than SH1 but is a beautiful drive through the New Zealand countryside. Click here to see this route on Google Maps.

Not sure what to do?

Contact us and we can help you with a plan of how to get here if you’re unsure. Otherwise we’ll see you at our HQ!