15 Nov

Multi Day Tongariro Rafting Trips

There is something magical about an overnight rafting trip. Good friends, good food, plenty of laughs and the sound of a wilderness river burbling under the stars in the background. Memories are made of this.


Multi Day Tongariro Rafting Trips – Overview





(Prices valid till 30th September 2024)

Departure Times and Duration:

2:30pm daily until ~ noon the next day

Departure Points:

The Rafting Centre, 95 Atirau Rd, Turangi

What you need to bring:

Swimwear, towel, sleeping bag, toiletries, change of clothes for the evening and anything else you would like overnight.

  • Clothing & Safety: All the gear you need on the river: Polar fleece jersey, splash jacket, helmet, wet suit, wet suit boot, life jacket
  • Food & Drink: Dinner, desert, snacks, breakfast and drinks will be provided and prepared by your guides
  • Equipment: We will supply everything else you need to make your night comfortable! This includes tents, sleeping mats, chairs, stoves, etc.

Dinner, Bed, and Breakfast Tongariro River Rafting  Style

Combine the thrill of our Grade 3 Whitewater Rafting trip with an overnight camping experience. 

Over two days, you will tame 60 rapids and raft 13kms of river. The Tongariro River’s grade 3 rapids are perfect for first-time rafters and experts alike: thrills and spills galore without any extreme drops requiring experience. This makes the trip ideal for families, friends and anyone else!

Camping out on the Tongariro River, you will be in complete wilderness at a campsite only accessible by kayak or raft. This will give you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in nature, find some local Whio friends, spot the trout swimming around and appreciate the beauty of the Tongariro River.

The trip is fully catered and our guides will be prepared with a full dinner to suit your dietary needs, desert, ample snacks, refreshments and breakfast for the next morning. 

We will also provide all specialist gear you will need for your adventure, and simply need you to bring your own clothes to wear around the campsite.


Your options:

This is a private and intimate trip, and we will only take one group at a time. This means, it will just be you and your group out there, along with our guides!
Therefore, we can specialize the trip to suit your needs and what you want to get out of it!

If you are particularly interested in fishing, we can stop in all the best spots to help you find some trout.
If you are interested in the conservation efforts with the Whio, we can stop along, check the traps and teach you about Whio protection in the area.
Another option is to go for a walk and explore through the forest surrounding the river! Simply let your guides know what interests you and they can ensure you get the best trip possible!  

How the trip will work: 

We will meet in the afternoon of day 1, get acquainted and make sure we are fully packed and ready to go! Once that’s all sorted, we will explain all the rafting gear you need, get dressed up and head out to the river to start our adventure. 
We will raft approximately one third of the river on the first day, pausing a cliff jump spot for the brave and keen out there. We can also stop along the way and check out our traps for the Blue Duck Project, and learn more about the local Whio population. 
Once we arrive at camp, sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury dinner your guides will prepare for you.

After a fairly leisurely morning, some breakfast and an optional ‘bath’ in the river to wake you up, we will pack down camp, set up the rafts, and continue down the river!
You will have the other two thirds to raft and your driver/photographer will meet you at one of the final rapids to take photos.

Once off the river, we will come back to base, check out the photos from the trip, unpack and say our goodbyes!

To learn about our white water rafting hazard and risk disclosure, click here.