15 Apr

Why a visit to Lake Taupo should be on your bucket list

Sitting on the sand with a gelato in hand, gazing out over glistening Lake Taupo, it is hard to feel anything but lucky to be able to experience this beautiful region everyday. For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure to travel to Taupo, we highly recommend adding it to the bucket list!

Why should I visit Taupo?

Snow capped mountains dominate the skyline and everywhere around you people are enjoying various water sports. Swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, parasailing, kite surfing, wake boarding, you get the picture!

Situated in the centre of the North Island, just off state highway one, Taupo is one of New Zealand’s hidden gems. Its location makes it an ideal place for meeting friends and family for holidays.

Often called the Queenstown of the north thanks to its towering mountains, glistening lake and the plethora of adventure tourism activities which accompany nature’s playground pieces. Unlike Queenstown though, Taupo has managed to stay out of the tourist spotlight for the most part. This means accommodation is affordable, you can nearly always get a table at one of the many delicious cafes and restaurants, and the queues for those sort after activities are virtually non-existent.

How many nights should I spend in Taupo?

Passing through or spending just one day here is never enough! The town will definitely leave you wanting more. Besides, how will you fit in rafting, skiing, skydiving, bungy jumping, jet boating, mountain biking and a scenic floatplane flight all in the same day?!

We’d recommend allowing at least 4 nights in this special slice of Aotearoa. And don’t forget to book a whitewater rafting trip while you are here.

What is there to do in Taupo?

This list could go on forever! Lake Taupo and it’s surrounds offer so many adventures and activities for everyone. There is the obvious water sports, hanging out at the lake, walking or biking the many tracks and trails. It is also a short drive from the Tongariro National Park which is an adventure filled playground!

Thermal activity also plays a big role in the Taupo area, explore Spa Park, Craters of the Moon or the Wairakei Terraces to get a taste of this. But adventure lies at the heart of this little town’s culture. We’ve bundled up our whitewater rafting trip with some of our favourite adrenaline-filled Taupo adventures. Choose from AJ Hackett Bungy, Hukafalls Jet, Taupo Tandem Skydive, Taupo Floatplane, Mountain Biking or the Sky Waka Gondola on Mount Ruapehu.

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Photo credit: Martyn Davies